I contract with a practice consultant, Lisette J Vail, to provide my support services. Questions regarding your account including insurance, billing, and payment issues should be directed to Mrs. Vail at 541-324-7410 or by email to lisette.j.vail@gmail.com.


First Appointment Steps:


Contact me directly to schedule an initial appointment by email at: email@skimphd.com.


After the appointment is scheduled, download and complete the Referral Information Form (the form is located on the right hand side of this page in italics under the section titled "Forms". You will need to call your insurance company to obtain insurance authorization and benefit information required on the form. Scan the form as a PDF and email it to me at email@skimphd.com or fax it to my practice assistant at 844-965-9260. This form needs to be completed and sent to me with 48 hours of your appointment being scheduled.

If I am not an in-network provider on your insurance panel, please check to see if you have an out-of-network benefit.  Based on the information provided (e.g.  co-pay, co-insurance, and deductible amounts) you may decide to continue to pursue treatment with me.  If not, you might also consider paying out-of-pocket for your therapy.   Although I do not offer a sliding scale fee arrangement, I do have a few low fee slots available at any given time.  

  • Arrive 10 minutes early on the day of your appointment and go to the third floor, Suite 390.

  • There will be a clipboard with an initial progress measure and a depression screening inventory in the reception area (i.e., the Outcome Questionnaire-45: A brief checklist examining symptoms and functioning in a variety of areas and the Beck Depression Inventory-II: A brief survey examining the presence, frequency, and intensity of symptoms of depression). Please complete the measures while you are waiting for your appointment to begin.

  • Prior to the session, I will review your paperwork for completeness.  I will also make a copy of the front and back of your insurance card, as well as your debit/credit card I require to keep on file. Of note: We cannot get started without the required intake paperwork completed, so please be sure to have it done when you arrive.


Insurance I accept:



Moda Health (ODS)


Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield



Download the opening paperwork from this website. Complete all forms and bring them with you to your first appointment along with your insurance and credit/debit card.

Referral Information Form

Client Information

Client Self Report

Informed Consent and Practice Policy

Financial Policy

Out of Pocket Charges




If you would like a copy of my practice “Client Rights and Responsibilities Notice” or a “Hipaa Regulation Notice”, please download them here.  There are also hard copies in my reception  area should you wish to take copies home to review. 


Client Rights and Responsibilities Notice

Hipaa Regulation Notice